Diana by Reislet

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here’s another one for y’all

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Nobuta wo Produce

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To 46 years and more, Catherine~! {12 May 1968}

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… we will avenge it.

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Christmas Stuff: Cookies

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The 50th is less than a month away and we still haven’t seen a single glimpse of Rose.

Like we’ve seen Ten, we’ve seen Eleven, we’ve seen Clara, we’ve seen whichever-Doctor-John-Hurt’s-Character is, we’ve seen Elizabeth I, we’ve even seen Daleks, not just one picture but the Daleks got two damn pictures



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tmi/tid meme: one species

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This is about sex, this place, as well. That it’s about her discovering sensuality. The sculptures made me think that we could bring something more sensual to that, and that the house could give Elizabeth a deeper understanding of who Darcy is in terms of the culture. That she’s not just admiring Darcy’s wealth, but she’s admiring his culture, she’s admiring his appreciation of beauty. That he has a sensitive soul. And that she loves him for his sensitivity.”

(Joe Wright, Director)

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"The film is completely circular. You start and end with the sunrise.

(Joe Wright, Director)

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